Bad Kreuznach – a new view.

Just went out in my hometown Bad Kreuznach for a short trip in the night, inspired by a video of Evan Ranft. He talked about how to think about photography in your hometown, if you have trouble to find interesting places or you are thinking its not worth to go out and search for it. He ended up by mentioning that everything is up to yourself and even if you’re not living in a huge city with a kind of cultural aspect, it is possible to take shots, searching for the small things. So I just went out without any expectations and searched out. Thanks man! The next days there will be some content, made in Bad Kreuznach, found some nice places.

Evan Ranft


Some weeks ago I got in touch with that lovely group of people who are so passionate in what they doing the best: winemaking! The winery is located in Biebelsheim, part of Rheinhessen which is one of the most important regions for winemaking in the southwest of Germany. While meeting up Paul when he was working in the winery, I felt directly the special atmosphere in that place, with the old houses on the edge of the village, surrounded by vineyards. There are three families involved in making wine, sharing their lifestyle and offering their ideas to others. Especially the fact that all generations work and live there together makes that place so special. During my visit, they asked me if I could imagine to do some photography for them, I was directly excited about that idea. Beside taking shots, I had quite a nice time over there. Definitely a place to meet interesting people and excellent wine!

Weingut Johanninger

Paul Krahl

”Art that is tastable. That is what winemaking is all about.”


When I first met Paul, he was standing in front of my door of my flat, introducing himself, because he applied for the shared flat I’m living in. Originally based and grown up in Frankfurt, he decided to start an apprenticeship for being a winemaker in a village around Bad Kreuznach. We directly had a good connection and when later, he moved to the flat, I recognised that I found a beautiful open mind and good friend in him. I’m impressed about the way he things about the important topics in our generation and i’m still able to learn a lot of him.

We both share the enthusiasm for good taste and quality. He told me a lot about his work in the winery in Biebelsheim at Johanninger. When he is talking about wine and the way to produce it, you can really feel that this is his real passion. For the moment he is into the creation of his own wine and I try support his idea by giving some ideas about labelling. It’s also a new experience for me, starting from zero and growing up with every idea little by little. For the future I wish him all the best with his idea and passion, hoping to be able to report from his work and creating new stories together. Keep on the spirit of your passion!

Paul Krahl
Apprentice in winemaking

Turning a Mercedes Vario into a Camper

During our trip in France in 2020 with the T4 model, we got in touch with a guy who bought himself an old Mercedes 609 model, turned it into a camper and living full time in it. I was totally impressed about the size of this car, because its offering the possibility to stand in it, sleeping 90° to direction of travel and featuring a high payload (2t in the case of the 609, 3,3t in the case of our 815). Since I finished my truck driving licence in 2018, I was always fascinated about buying a truck like these and now I had the Idea of the perfect car in my mind: a Mercedes T4 Modell or a more recent Vario model. It was hard to find a T2 model in good state since Mercedes has some serious problems with rust on their car bodies. Finally I found a Vario 815 from 2001 next to Bad Kreuznach, the seller gave me the chance to test the car more than one week. It has a maximum weight of 7,5t, a 4,5l diesel engine with 156 hp and the middle wheel base. So I finally bought the car, removed the rust via sand-blasting, repainted it and doing some isolation work. For the moment we are finished with the kitchen and the bed part, also the water including a 280l tank and electronic system is already running. For the moment, we are doing a test trip in France to know, which systems we could improve and also to collect some ideas during the test. What I can say for now: It is a great feeling to be that independent with the car, especially in times of corona.

Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

I have got a friend which is totally crazy about cars. He changes the cars like other people would use to change underwear. I already took pictures of his Audi TTS, this pictures actually are used for a classified ad to sell the car. Hopefully the new owner will have as much as fun as we had during taking this pictures.

Christina Dhom/Weingut Dhom

The first winery, I got in touch with was the winery Phillip Dhom. I can remember driving there together with my dad during my childhood, he used to buy ”Federweißer”, early fermented wine. He grew up with Phillip Dhom, who is now the head of the winery. Later on, for many years, I was living nearby the winery, just a couple of meters away. So I bought my wine there as well and I got in touch with the family soon. So when they asked me, if I could take some pictures for the new wine line of Christina Dhom, it was a pleasure for me to work on that. She finished her first own wine line this year and I have to say, she did it quite nice. A enjoyable fresh wine with a young spirit. All the best for the future! Just visit them on instagram and ther website:

Weingut Phillip Dhom

Christina Dhom Weine

Sauvignon Blanc!

Everything began with this idea in Pauls’s mind: making his own wine. After a long period of woking in the vineyard for months, the big day came: harvest time! And for me, it was an honour to be part of the team at this important day. With the help of family and friends, the Sauvignon Blanc which grew in four rows was picked and carried to the winery in the early morning. For me, it was the first harvest of my life, even if I grew up in a region where winemaking is the most common agriculture. I’m excited about, how the wine is going to develop in the next few months and how we going to deal with the design of the bottle, label and so on. If you’re also interested in how the story will continue, just visit the instagram account of Paul.

Paul Krahl
Apprentice in winemaking

Photowalk in Mainz

Mainz is the head city of the district Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany and next to my hometown. I appreciate the spirit of that city with all the students and the cultural offers. Some time ago, a friend of mine offered me to have a small photowalk through in that city, it was a nice afternoon taking about photography and having some beers.

Volkswagen T1/T3 Model

A friend of mine is really passionated about volkswagen T models, he owns a T1 and he also recently bought a T3 model from the local office of disaster control in perfect state. He offered me to have a small ride out with the T3 Modell and we used the nice weather conditions to take some nice photos of these beautiful cars. His T1 was a delivery car for Bosch service in his first life, before Steffen found him, doing a full restoration.

Rock in die Ferien

The first time I got into touch with doing photography on a concert was complete spontaneous. I was joining some friends to a holiday opening concert in Windesheim, a small village near Bad Kreuznach. I did not expect that much from that evening, finally it turned out that the music performances was on a high level. The Bands were composed of pupils and teachers. The weather conditions in early summer were perfect, so the evening became magical and it was special experience for me. Thanks to the guys from the Alfred-Delp-School in Hargesheim who are organising that small event every year.

Rock in die Ferien

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