I am also interessted in operating radio on frequencies in the 11m, 2m and 70cm band out of my Mercedes truck. Therefor I use different radios and antennas, the antennas are mostly selfmade. My callsign is MP94KH or just MP94. If you received the adress of this website, feel free to write me a message via the contact formular or via Instagram.


Motorola GP900 2m Freenet
Motorola GM900 70cm PMR
Motorola GP1200 70cm PMR
Motorola MTS2000 2m Freenet

Stabo XM2000 11m CB
President Bill I 11m CB
Dynascan 10M66 11m CB
TTI H100 11m CB

Kombix UV5R 2m/70cm
Retevis RA 685 2m/70cm

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